I burned a cockroach today. The wretch was unlucky enough to catch my sight as I sat reading on the couch, within the vicinity of a lighter to boot! It was a well thought out impulse. On another day I might have smashed it but that would get my slippers all mucked up and would make for an ugly spectacle. This seemed to be an efficient way of eradicating vermin. You see, I bear no ill will towards cockroachkind. On the contrary, I rather admire them for their hardiness and fortitude. Alas, consciousness is oftentimes a victim of the temporal and spatial nature of existence. In that time and space we found ourselves fighting on opposite ends.

On my way back home today, I met the distinctive arachnid pictured above. It’s strange and beautiful appearance piqued my curiosity like that of a child. I stood for a minute or so, observing its tardy march across the pavement. I could not bear to see such a magnificent critter trampled underfoot some unassuming creature. Lacking the patience to guard its expedition, I expedited its journey with the help of a twig. It was only after I had walked a few paces that I remembered its cousin from the morning. The polarity between the two events as well as the paradoxical nature of my humanity amused me immensely.

So, I ran back with a wry smile, searched the grass for it and took this picture.

That’s all.

Work in progress